A dream come true for many: when a pipe dream becomes a home of your own. Having one’s “own four walls” is certainly one of life's major milestones This makes it all the more important to have a solid financing strategy so that you can fully enjoy your new home.

But how do I find the ideal mortgage for my situation? The offering from various banks, insurance companies and pension funds can at first seem confusing.

Therefore, in order to make an informed decision, an independent comparison of providers and mortgage models as well as personalised and situation-specific consultancy are indispensable.

Your advantages at a glance
You're at the right place

Your advantages at a glance

  • Broad network of partners - independent consultancy

  • Effective mortgage offers with interest rates updated daily
  • Multiple financing solutions drawn up promptly and efficiently
  • Personal situation analysis including preparation of a pension analysis
  • Elaboration of tax aspects and savings potential (no tax advice)
  • Consultancy and handling of insurance in the context of your mortgage
  • One point of contact for all queries regarding your home financing
  • Financing consultancy for owner-occupied residential property, investment properties, building loans and holiday homes

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General informations

The future owner is obliged to contribute 20% of the loan value as their own funds, of which at least 10% must not come from second pillar funds. The financing may also comprise additional collateral in the form of other pension funds and life insurance policies or, if necessary, personal contributions.

It should also be noted that any difference between the mortgage value and a higher purchase price must always be financed from the buyer's own funds.

In order to supplement these, pension fund assets may also be withdrawn in advance. However, this can have a considerable impact on the retirement assets as well as the risk benefits; and capital gains tax is incurred. Clarity may be obtained here by comparing advance withdrawal and pledging as well as analysing the pension situation.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Which mortgage model is suitable for me?
  • How can I ensure that my home financing is sustainable - even after retirement?
  • What should I take into consideration when amortising my mortgage?
  • What form of amortisation is advantageous in my situation?
  • Should pension assets from the second and third pillars be used?
  • What is the difference between advance withdrawal and pledging of pension assets, and what do I need to bear in mind?
  • Does an advance withdrawal of pension assets from the second or third pillar make sense?
  • What are the effects of an advance withdrawal of pension assets?

Regionally anchored and operating throughout German-speaking Switzerland, vedunias gmbh is an Allfinanz consultancy that aims to get to the heart of the wide range of property purchasing options available. Our broad network and the close collaboration with our partners allows us to prepare optimal quotes promptly and efficiently. Your key advantage: through a practical assessment, you benefit from considerable savings in both time and money in order to implement your financing with the inclusion of several quotes. We accompany you from the affordability analysis and the compilation of your mortgage portfolio to the comparison of financing solutions and the handling of your contracts.

Overview mortgage models

Fixed-rate mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgage

  • Fixed term and fixed interest rate
  • Planning and budget security
  • Protection from rising interest rates
  • Also possible as a forward mortgage
  • Terms of between 2 and 15 years
  • An early repayment penalty is owed in the event of premature dissolution
  • Combining several tranches with different maturities allows for optimal cushioning of the interest rate risk

SARON mortgage

Saron mortgage

  • No fixed term
  • Variable interest rate: mortgage interest is calculated continuously based on SARON (Swiss Average Rate Overnight).
  • Participation in decreasing money market rates, while also bearing the risk of an increase in interest rates.
  • Ideal in combination with a fixed-rate mortgage: this allows for offsetting of interest rate fluctuations.
  • Rollover possible
  • Switch to another mortgage model possible

Variable-rate mortgage

Variable-rate mortgage:

  • No fixed term
  • Mortgage interest rate is continuously adjusted to the capital market rate

  • Highly flexible

  • Switch to another mortgage model possible

vedunias gmbh is your personal point of contact for all matters relating to your mortgage: find out about our know-how and our comprehensive consultancy services through a non-binding initial consultation.