Risk Insurance


Have you ever thought about what happens if unforeseen events occur, turning your life upside down?

A risk insurance policy allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones from the financial consequences of death or disability. At the same time, a comprehensive and independent pension analysis provides an overview of your current situation. Our experts will show you ways in which you can close gaps in the first and second pillars, as the statutory pension scheme usually only covers part of your income.


Protect your family and business partners

In the event of death, those closest to you are protected from financial risks.

Disability due to illness and accident

A disability pension helps you avoid long-term loss of income in the event of a pension claim.

Securing your property financing

A risk insurance policy allows you to optimally secure your mortgage: lump-sum death benefit, disability pension or premium waiver guarantee the sustainable affordability and amortisation of the loan amount should these events occur.

Frequently asked questions

  • In the event of my death, what financial situation will my family, life partner or business partner find themselves in?

  • What happens if I become disabled through illness or accident? Is my coverage from the first and second pillar sufficient to maintain my standard of living?
  • Can I guarantee the affordability of my mortgage in this case? Which preventive measures are recommended?

Prevention pays off - in private pension cover too. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding initial consultation.