Household Insurance


Loss of keys, burglary in the cellar or natural hazards such as storms and floods can quickly have far-reaching consequences for tenants and owners. Have you faced similar situations in the past? All the important information is provided at a glance here.

Household insurance allows you protect all your household effects against the risks of fire, water damage, theft and glass breakage. Unforeseen and self-inflicted damage or loss of your household effects can also be insured by means of various additional modules.

Insuring your household effects against fire and natural hazard is obligatory in certain cantons. It is also important to obtain an overview of the appropriate insurance benefits by carrying out a risk analysis if your living situation changes.

Your advantages at a glance
This is what you get with us

Your advantages at a glance

  • Elaboration of personalised insurance solutions for tenants and owners

  • Periodical review of your situation including adjustments and information on product changes
  • Additional cover for technical equipment
  • Elaboration of potential combination discounts
  • One point of contact for all your property insurance matters
  • Savings potential thanks to comparison of various providers
  • Attractive discounts for young adults

Our team always strives to find and implement the ideal insurance solution for your situation through independent consultancy. We are at your side to ensure that this is also adapted to your needs on an ongoing basis: allowing you to concentrate fully on your new home.