Private Liability Insurance expand

A scratched floor or damaged sink in your rented apartment, an expensive vase getting knocked over during a visit or scratching a car with your bike, these are the harmless things that happen day-in day-out. However, unintentional damage is not only annoying, it can also make a big dent in the household budget. Private liability insurance covers you in the event that claims for damages for personal injury and property damage are brought against you - regardless of whether they relate to your liability as a parent, pet owner, property owner or tenant.
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Household Insurance expand

Loss of keys, burglary in the cellar or natural hazards such as storms and floods can quickly have far-reaching consequences for tenants and owners. Have you faced similar situations in the past? All the important information is provided at a glance here.
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Legal Expenses Insurance expand

Whether it is a traffic accident, problems with your online order or disagreements with your neighbour: in the event of a legal dispute, legal expenses insurance offers you comprehensive legal and financial cover. Large amounts can rapidly accrue in lawyers' fees and legal costs. Therefore, this cover is a worthwhile addition to your insurance portfolio allowing you to obtain information in legal matters easily and be covered in the event of a claim.
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Motor Vehicle Insurance expand

The purchase contract has been signed - all that remains now is to find the right insurance. But what factors do I need to take into account for my car insurance and how do I find the best offer? Find out more and contact us for your personal quote.
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Business Insurance expand

Every company is exposed to a large number of risks, which vary considerably depending on the industry. In addition to obligatory insurance, it is essential to check if additional insurance cover is relevant so that your company can continue to grow in a stable and sustainable manner.
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